March Specials

Bantha (Blue) Milk 8

- A rich blue-colored milk produced by female banthas. A cosmic twist on the pina colada that will refresh any Jedi

Revenge of the 5th 10

- An ancient order of Margarita devoted to the dark side. The 5th practice hate, deception and deliciousness. Notable for their red glow, sour bite and use of aggressive feelings.

Spring Cleaning (Shot) 6

- It's like tasting a shot of LISTERINE. But like, how you wish listerine tasted (CONTAINS NO LISTERINE).

The Freakin Barbie 8

- I'm a Barbie Dink, in the Barbie world. I'm Bombastic, so fantastic

Cheaper that tan medicare, you'll want to fight a bear

Imagination, we need free medication

(Cranberry and Raspberry Vodka)


Journey To Mordor 8

- Lead your fellowship on a quest to mount doom; rancho alegre tequila, pineapple, ginger beer and dark rum.

Estus Flask 8

- An undead favorite, whiskey and peach to help you find your way to the next bonfire.

Yoshi's Island Iced Tea 10

- Yoshi’s tropical spin on the long island!

Health Potion 8

- Whiskey, watermelon & lime. No healer required.

Mana Potion 11

- Fill up that MP bar with Terremana Tequila and Pineapple

Gerudo Dragon 8

- Invoke dark magic with Ganandorf’s blackberry gin and tonic.

Blue Shell 8

- Jolly Rogers Rum, Peach & Blue curacao. 3… 2… 1… GO!

Pungent Blood Cocktail 9

- Rum, Raspberry and Mango. A Yharnam specialty.

Randy's Handy 12

- An old fashioned with a walnut finish!

Mr Oogie Boogie 8

- The infamous Boogeyman filled with rum, peppermint mocha cream and a splash of creme de menth (bugs, lots of bugs).

Cactuar-Garita 11

- Cactuar Juice! A Japanese Melon infused margarita.

Potion of Fire Breathing 8

- This spicy Moscow Mule will really heat up the battle with Habanero mango vodka.

Princess Peach 8

- The princess is in THIS castle; a peach infused vodka lemonade.

Skyrim Skooma 10

- The drink of choice for a Dragonborn! A refreshing Mojito with a raspberry twist, sure to refresh at least 50 stamina points.

Butter Beer 5/7

- The magical brew straight from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Comes with or without magic (alcohol)

Best. Drink. Ever. 12

- Choose your Alcohol, choose your flavor profile and our bartender will mix you a custom cocktail. *Not available at all times.*


Gummy Bear Shot 5

- Your choice of gummy bear flavor, Pineapple, Lemon, Raspberry, Orange, Strawberry or Apple.

Spongebob's Tipsy Turvy Cake 7

- Vanilla Vodka, pineapple & grenadine


Squatch F*cker 8

- Like a PBF, but with a butterscotch dreamsicle twist. 

Golden Saucer Bomb 9

- Will you lose all your Gil or hit it big with this pineapple Vegas bomb kupo?

Hot Drinks

Hot Toddy 6

Hot Buttered Rum 6

Hot Cider 6

-your choice of well alcohol

Hot Chocolate 6

-your choice of well alcohol