Sleepy Hollow 8

- A Spooky Earl Grey infused whiskey and chocolate drink thanks to folks at D&Tea (Ft. Underdark and Chill) It's so good you may lose your head

Pumpkin Spice Bullshit 8

- It has pumpkin spice in it....... yay. A seasonal white russian spiced with rum and pumpkin spice basicness

Witch Candy 8

- Strangers have the best candy, especially when they are sprinkled with a little magic. A splash of coconut rum brewed with little sweetness with be sure to enchant you.

Luigi's Mansion Shot 7

- Sometimes you need a little liquid courage to get you going. Take in a little melon flavored ectoplasm to prepare yourself for a spooky night


Journey To Mordor 8

- Lead your fellowship on a quest to mount doom; rancho alegre tequila, pineapple, ginger beer and dark rum.

Estus Flask 8

- An undead favorite, whiskey and peach to help you find your way to the next bonfire.

Yoshi's Island Iced Tea 10

- Yoshi’s tropical spin on the long island!

Health Potion 8

- Whiskey, watermelon & lime. No healer required.

Mana Potion 10

- Fill up that MP bar with Terremana Tequila and Pineapple

Gerudo Dragon 8

- Invoke dark magic with Ganandorf’s blackberry gin and tonic.

Blue Shell 8

- Jolly Rogers Rum, Peach & Blue curacao. 3… 2… 1… GO!

Pungent Blood Cocktail 9

- Rum, Raspberry and Mango. A Yharnam specialty.

Randy's Handy 12

- An old fashioned with a walnut finish!

White Walker 9

- Winter is coming; with rum, Kahlua & Baileys.

Cactuar-Garita 10

- Cactuar Juice! A Japanese Melon infused margarita.

Potion of Fire Breathing 8

- This spicy Moscow Mule will really heat up the battle with Habanero mango vodka.

Princess Peach 8

- The princess is in THIS castle; a peach infused vodka lemonade.

Skyrim Skooma 9

- The drink of choice for a Dragonborn! A refreshing Mojito with a raspberry twist, sure to refresh at least 50 stamina points.

Butter Beer 5/7

- The magical brew straight from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Comes with or without magic (alcohol)

Best. Drink. Ever. 10

- Choose your Alcohol, choose your flavor profile and our bartender will mix you a custom cocktail. *Not available at all times.*


Gummy Bear Shot 5

- Your choice of gummy bear flavor, Pineapple, Lemon, Raspberry, Orange, Strawberry or Apple.

Spongebob's Tipsy Turvy Cake 7

- Vanilla Vodka, pineapple & grenadine

Jello Gummybear Shot 3

- Our classic gummbear shot, now in jello form! Ask about


Squatch F*cker 8

- Like a PBF, but with a butterscotch dreamsicle twist. Order as a group for a discount

Golden Saucer Bomb 9

- Will you lose all your Gil or hit it big with this pineapple Vegas bomb kupo?