One of the services we provide at Endgame is access to our library of board games. From Monopoly to Axis and Allies and everything in between. Most of our games are free to play! Specialty and rare games require a small holding fee before use.

We also provide a video game lounge area with an N64, Xbox 360, Jackbox games and a Wii. Video games are free to play, ask your bartender for what games are available.

Wanna play D&D? We have a purpose built RPG table with gridded whiteboard, over 1000 miniatures and other gaming aids. Call during business hours or direct message us on social media to reserve it for use.


Endgame is available for reservations and private parties. Call during business hours or message us on social media to make reservations. For private events we can close down the bar or open on a special day, cost will depend on amount of guests and the day of the week you would like to hold the event.


Do I have to be a nerd to come to Endgame?

Heck no! We love games and nerd stuff but don't let that stop you if you don't. Just come in for the great drinks and food!

Can I bring my own games to Endgame?

Absolutely! Because the majority of our games are free to play if you want to bring a game just give us a heads up when come in to avoid possible confusion later

Do you sell any of your games?

On occasion we may sell some of our games. Let us know if there is one you would like to purchase and we will discuss it. We do have sets of Dungeons and Dragons dice for sale if you forget yours.

Do you have _______ game?

We are working on a database of games that we own. Until it is finished you can call us during business hours or message us through social media.

Do you run games of D&D

YES! at the moment we are running weekly D&D sessions on Wednesdays at 6pm. The sessions are drop in one shots and don't require any previous knowledge of D&D.